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Adventist Youth Ministry
AY is Adventist Youth Ministry.  
To reach out to young people but, all people are young.  To let them know that God loves them although they don't feel loved and He cares for them.   

Discussion this week: Prophecy against Gog Part 1, Ezekiel 38 - 666. 

Discussion details:
Probation is about to close on the earth.  In this lesson, Ezekiel chapter 38 reveals 3 of the 7 plagues of Revelation, such as:
1) Sea of Blood
2) Overflowing Rain (Blood)
3) Hailstones, a weight of a talent (roughly 100 pounds)
There is a physically and spiritually battle that will take place.  Now is the time to repent and have our robes white with Christ's righteousness.
Who will you stand for?  The devil and his party 666 or Jesus Christ 777?

Memory verse: Revelation 16:13-14

Question for the week: Who was Jesus' Father?

AY history:
‚ÄčThe story of the Adventist Youth Society (Adventist Youth Ministry), began over 125 years ago, along a dusty country lane in Michigan with two young boys kneeling in prayer.   Today AY has become a world wide movement with 10 million strong.

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