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Adult Sabbath School


Sabbath school is the heartbeat of our church community. Each week we spend time learning from Scripture and from each other. Click here to see a video about why Sabbath School is so important to the church. 

Sabbath School Lesson Summary: 

May 8-May 15, 2015
Being on a ship you can't see all that is happening.  But being on another ship and looking at that ship you can see more than who is on that ship.
1) It was a woman evangelist that first spread the gospel of the birth of Jesus.  Luke 2:36-38
2) He also showed that while most male argued if Jesus was a Prophet, Master, King or the Son of God the women accepted Him.  Luke 8:43-49
And they were also faithful to His end in the tomb.  Remember all the disciples ran when they put Jesus to death, even Peter.  But who stayed?  The women.  Luke 23:27-31
They were also first at the tomb that morning. Luke 24:1-10   And they were also the first to tell Peter that Jesus had rose.
There is one fact that bother me, Luke tell of another story while Jesus was on earth, men and women asked of His healing, they received food, miracles, He made the dead come back to life and many other good deeds for the people.  Jesus said, "the foxes have holes, the birds have nests but the Son of Man has nowhere to lay His head.  Jesus gave His life for us but, what did we give Him? Nothing.  One woman gave Him a gift.  Luke 7:37-38

Antony Blair